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Useful Links


Staying safe online

How often do you use your mobile phone or the internet? Are you a member of a social networking site? What information do you share online?  Who is accessing your information? Do you really know?

While the internet helps us in lots of positive ways; enabling us to access and share information and stay in touch with friends, it also presents a number of dangers.  At Burntwood we want you to be safe and responsible in the way you use it.

For practical advice on a range of issues including how to protect your personal information, posting pictures and videos, making friends and bullying online, visit the Thinkyouknow website.

If you are worried about a friend or need advice yourself, there a lots of places you can go to and find help.

And finally, to remind yourselves about our expectations on how you should use the internet, please read the school policy below.
Burntwood Student Acceptable Use Policy