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Teaching Staff

English & Media

Please find more information regarding English and Media - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Sophie Doherty BA (Ancient History and Civilisation), PGCE, (Head of English & Media)
  • Bhajo Abdi BA (English & Arabic), PGCE
  • Steve Clarke BA (English & Film Studies), QTS (Work Related Learning Co-Ordinator)
  • Andrew Forrester BSc (Communication & Media Studies), CELTA, QTS (Head of Media)
  • William Furnell BA (English Literature & History), PCGE, (English Key Stage 5 Coordinator), (Deputy Head of English & Media)
  • Sadia Islam BA (English & History), QTS
  • Karin Junker BA (English & German), PGCE, (Year Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Heather Sutcliffe MA (English), PGCE
  • James Taylor MA (English Literature & History), MA (Contemporary Literature Culture & Theory), PGCE, (English Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator)
  • Anna Warbrick BA (English Language & Literature), QTS, (Key Stage 4 Coordinator)


Please find more information regarding "Humanities" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Jessica Beattie MA (History), PGCE, (Head of Humanities)
  • Ruhena Bakhsh BA (South Asian Studies), BA (Visual Theories), PGCE, (Head of Religious Studies)
  • Jasmine Dukoff BA (History), B.Ed, (Year Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Sharon Higgins BA (History), PGCE (Head of History)
  • Kathryn Mabey BA (Religious Studies & Theology), PGCE
  • Flora Macpherson BSc (Geography) PGCE
  • Catriona McMahon BSc (Geography) PGCE
  • Shona McManamon BA Geography & Economics, PGCE, (Head of Geography)
  • Aimee Simpson BA (History), PGCE, (Year Curriculum Co-ordinator)
  • Laura Warner BA (Geography), PGCE, (Year Curriculum Coordinator)


Please find more information regarding "Languages" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Victoria Prior BA (French & German), MA (Education), NPQLT, PGCE (Head of Languages)
  • Khalid Ahmed BSc (Science), MSc (Biochemistry), MSc (Molecular Pathology), PGCE (Subject Leader of Urdu)
  • Sarah Brack BA (Italian Studies), PGCE, (Subject Leader for Latin Studies, Ancient Greek and Mandarin), (Deputy Head of Languages)
  • Paula Huertas-Lopez PGCE ( Head of Spanish)
  • Angela Miller MA (Education), PGCE, (Head of French) Laurine Mouret BA (English), MA (French as a Foreign Language) PGCE
  • Frank Pachas La Cruz BA (Education), PGCE
  • Alice Torres BA (Communication), MA (Communication), PGCE

Learning Support

Please find more information regarding "Learning Support" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Lindsey Tobin MA (Criminology and Criminal Justice), MSC (Learning and Teaching), QTS, NASENCO (SENCO and Head of Learning Support & SEMH Resource Base)
  • Elysha Bakhsh Learning Support Assistant
  • Kate Blunt BSc (Business Mathematics & Statistics),PGCE, QTS, (Acting SENCO and Head of Learning Support & SEMH Resource Base)
  • Donna Cowlard Learning Support Assistant
  • Katie Dawe BSc (Human Life Sciences), PGCE, (Base Teacher)
  • Ronny Gonzalez Learning Support Assistant
  • Thomas Jones Learning Support Assistant (Acting Assistant SENCO)
  • Violetta Krysciak MA (Geography), PGCE, (EAL Coordinator)
  • Susel Ortiz Learning Support Assistant
  • Sara Pandalone Learning Support Assistant
  • Vlasta Rebrosova Teaching Diploma, PGCE, (Learning Support Centre Manager)
  • Alysha Woodley Learning Support Assistant
  • Annette Worral Learning Support Assistant

Mathematics & Computing 

Please find more information regarding "Mathematics" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Paul Gerrard BA (Mathematics & Philosophy), PGCE, (Head of Mathematics & Computing)
  • Jose Alvarez BSc (Statistics), PGCE, (Mathematics Key Stage 5 Coordinator)
  • Ilse du Toit BSc (Mathematics), BEd (Mathematics), PGCE (Year Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Andrew Hall BEng (Electronics), QTS, (Head of Computing)
  • Alam Khan BSc (Economics), PGCE
  • Sophie McCoy BSc (Maths with Education) PGCE
  • Claire Perry BSc (Mathematical Studies), PGCE
  • Andre Petersen BTech (Educational Management), HDE IV (Secondary), (Mathematics Key Stage 4 Coordinator), (Deputy Head of Mathematics)
  • Katie Rice BSc (Mathematics with Teaching), PGCE, (Mastery Specialist and Enrichment Coordinator)
  • Claire Rupprecht BA (Mathematics & Spanish), PGCE, (Mathematics Key Stage 3 Coordinator)
  • Anna Sandbach BSc (Geography), QTS
  • Atefeh Webster BSc (Electrical Engineering), PGCE, (Unicef Coordinator)

Physical & Arts Education

Please find more information regarding "Physical and Arts Education" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Sue Dunn BA (Drama, English), PGCE, (Head of Physical & Arts Education)
  • Lecia Burke BA (Dance & Culture), PGCE
  • Elgar Clayton Fellowship of Music, Grad Dip Teaching, (Head of Music)
  • Kerry Harvey BA (Choreography and Dance), PGCE, (Head of Dance)
  • Lucy Kriskinans BEd (Physical Education), (Head of PE)
  • Cathryn Potter BSc (Sports Science), PGCE, (Year Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Steve Ross-Shields BA (Irish Language and Literature) MA (Drama & Theatre), PGCE, (Head of Drama)
  • Jemma Siemak BA (Physical Education), PGCE, (Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, Acting Head of PE)
  • Christopher Solecki B Music, BEd, QTS


Please find more information regarding "Science" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • James Beaumont BSc (Chemistry), PGCE, (Head of Science)
  • Naila Abbasi BSc (Biomedical Science), PGCE
  • Gemma Abel Msc (Medical Physics), PGCE
  • Azmina Baloch BSc (Biochemistry), PGCE
  • Jackie Colgan HNC (Applied Physics), BSc (Physics), PGCE, (Pathway Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Elmo Guichen-Vallas BSc (Physics), PGCE
  • Liam Harris BSc (Biochemistry & Forensic Biology), PGCE, (Head of Year 12), (Head of Chemistry)
  • Mark Homer BSc (Physics), PGCE, (Deputy Head of Science & Head of Physics)
  • Evelyn Howard BSc (Biological Anthropology), MSc (Bio Archaeological & Forensic Anthropology), QTS
  • Sinead McLoughlin BSc (Science Education), (Deputy Year Curriculum Co-ordinator)
  • Aneil Sumer BSc (Biology & Chemistry), Grad Dip Teaching, (Key Stage 3 Science Co-ordinator)

Social Science & Enterprise

Please find more information regarding "Business Studies & ICT" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Isa Ijale BA (Business Management & Urban Development) MA (Teaching & Learning), PGCE, QTS (Head of Social Sciences & Enterprise)
  • Zam Zam Abdi BA (Business Management with Global Industries), PGCE
  • Basema Bajwa BSc (Criminology & Sociology), PGCE, (Key Stage 2/3 Transition Coordinator)
  • Yasmin Duggan BA (History), BSc (Psychology), MSc (Occupational Psychology), PGCE, (Head of Social Sciences)
  • Sabina Matthews BA (International Business Management), MA (Education, Teaching & Learning), PGCE Economics & Business, NAUI certified advanced diver & underwater media specialist (Head of Year 13)
  • Milani Sekar BSc (Psychology) PGCE

Visual Arts & Design Technology

Please find more information regarding "Visual Arts & Design Technology" - Teaching Staff in this section.

  • Helen Wyglendacz BA (3D Design for Theatre), MA (Design for Film & Television), PGCE, (Head of Visual Art & Design Technology)
  • Robin Ancilotto BSc (Architecture and Interior Design), BA (International Business & Marketing), PGCE
  • Saskay Bennett BA (Design for Graphic Communication), PGCE, (i/c BTEC Hospitality)
  • Lorraine Devine BA (Fine Art), MA (Art Psychotherapy), PGCE
  • Lucy Goodwin BA (Fine Art), PGCE, (Head of Photography)
  • Debra Lawrence BA (Textiles), PGCE, (Key Stage 4 DT Coordinator)
  • Alison Meechan BA (Graphic Design & Illustration), PGCE, (Head of Art)
  • Natalie Rudkin BA (Textile Design), PGCE, (Key Stage 3 DT), (Deputy Year Curriculum Coordinator)