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Stepping Up To Leadership (SUTL)

The Stepping Up to Leadership programme is designed to develop effective middle leaders to successfully lead high performing teams. 
The programme enables delegates to reflect on themselves as leaders, explore their core values, consider their dominant leadership styles and think about how they can effectively lead their team through change. 
The sessions are personalised each year for the needs of the individual cohort.
This programme is certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Provisional Programme

Day 1    & 2                   You as a leader
Day 3 & 4                      Leading Teams
Day 5 & 6                      Managing Change
Day 7 & 8                      Accountability

 National Professional Qualification of Middle Leaders (NQML)

Leading a team

This programme is aimed at those who are, or are aspiring to become a middle leader with responsibility for leading a team e.g. a key stage leader, a curriculum area leader, a pastoral services leader, a subject leader, a special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO), or a head of department. This includes those who are, or are aspiring to be a middle leader with cross-school responsibilities e.g. a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).

Day 1                 Leading with Impact
Day 2                 Leading Learning and Teaching
Day 3                 Leading Effective Partnerships
Day 4                 Leading Strategically

National Professional Qualification of Senior Leaders (NPQSL)

Leading across a school

This programme is aimed at those who are, or are aspiring to become a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities e.g. an experienced middle leader, a deputy head teacher, an assistant head teacher, or other senior staff e.g. a Director of a Teaching School Alliance (TSA).

Day 1                 Succeeding in Senior Leadership
Day 2                 Leading Learning and Teaching
Day 3                 Leading with Impact
Day 4                 Leading Effective Partnerships
Day 5                 Leading Strategically

Education: Leading Innovation and Change

The ‘Education: Leading Innovation and Change’ master's degree aims to develop evidence-based, innovative educational practice.

Why study Education: Leading Innovation and Change?

This well-established Master's degree is designed to meet the professional development needs of teachers and other education professionals in all phases of schooling and other educational contexts, and at all stages of their careers. This includes school administrators, chaplains, business managers, finance officers, librarians, data managers and IT managers. 

The programme enables current and aspiring middle and senior leaders to engage in critical reflection on their experience and understanding of leadership, whilst developing scholarly knowledge and linking theory with practice You'll have the opportunity to explore an area of interest and relevance to your professional role as you undertake a small-scale practitioner research enquiry, leading to evidence-based innovation.

Key facts

  • Enables schools and staff to advance their professional skills and expertise through the development of a research culture.
  • You can apply your learning to practical situations within our own schools, using their knowledge to drive effective change.
  • The degree is designed to facilitate reflection and enquiry into practice amongst teachers and other education professionals.