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Burntwood Sixth Form

At Burntwood we believe that a good education should include experiences outside the classroom. With this in mind we have developed a series of activities and events that will enrich your time here as well as ensuring that you are ready to make a strong application for Higher Education. Our connections with schools like St Paul’s and Westminster ensure that our Oxbridge and Medical applicants are well prepared and we follow this up with a series of intensive, bespoke mock interviews. We also encourage students to get the right kind of work experience and our links with King’s College Hospital and St George’s Hospital, as well as our close working relationship with Wandsworth’s internship and apprenticeship programme, ensure that all students will have exciting and worthwhile experiences.

Our students play an important role in the local community, taking part in debating competitions, government and council initiatives, sport, music, voluntary and charity work. From 2013-14, dedicated time will be added to the Sixth Form curriculum to extend these vital experiences.

Our students are also citizens of the world, taking part in trips to China, Iceland, Morocco, USA, Macedonia, Italy, France and Spain, to name a selection. Burntwood’s International School status enhances the opportunities available. We work with many prestigious organisations – the American Embassy, the BBC, the Houses of Parliament, London School of Economics and UNICEF – in order to give our students access to unique working partnerships.

Burntwood Sixth Form is more than just an education . . . it’s an experience.