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Early Career Teachers - NQTs/RQTs

Newly Qualified Teacher Programme

We provide a rigorous training programme for NQTs which builds on the initial teaching qualification. This includes regular sessions focusing on essential teaching and learning skills as well as providing a comprehensive understanding of the how the school operates. Sessions include guidance from our SENCO on supporting SEND students within the classroom, behaviour management training, safeguarding and a meeting with the Principal to discuss the school's values and ethos.  

Each NQT is supported by a mentor within the subject area and receives regular feedback from both their mentor and a member of Senior Team on the quality of their teaching in order to inform their practice.   All of our NQTs are assessed against the Teaching Standards on a termly basis .

An added benefit of our programme is that it gives NQTs the opportunity to take part in CPD with other NQTs within the Wandle Teaching School Alliance.  

Recently Qualified Teacher Programme

The RQT programme is designed specifically to support teachers as they enter their second year of the profession. This six session programme specifically focuses on refining teaching practice by using educational research to explore what makes an effective teacher.

Observation is central to the programme, with RQTs being given the opportunity to observe senior members of staff, their peers within the group and their own teaching through 'Star Lesson'. In addition to discussing the characteristics of effective teaching and reflecting on their own development within the classroom, the course explores  the different pathways in developing a lifelong career in education.