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Work Related Learning

Burntwood follows a structured programme of Work Related Learning throughout the school from Years 7 to 13. Key skills such as decision making and self-evaluation are encouraged to ensure that the student is fully equipped to make appropriate choices regarding her future.

Practical experience of the world of work is undertaken in Year 10, in a two week out-of-school placement. Specialist Careers Guidance is offered by a professional Careers Adviser. Each Year 11 student has the opportunity to attend an in-school appointment with the Careers Adviser, and other Years may make individual appointments through the school Careers Coordinator.

There is a well stocked Careers section in the school library, which offers a variety of sources such as university prospectuses, job directories, CD-Roms and Internet links to assist students. Work Related Learning is taught across the curriculum at Key Stage 4 through a variety of activities in all subjects. Key Stage 4 students also participate in two whole day enterprise activities.

Work Related Learning and Careers Policy 2016-17